Networks and Communications

The telecoms industry is in constant flux, from new technology to shifting consumer behaviour and a complex and ever-changing regulatory landscape, the industry does not and cannot stand still.

Networks and Communications

Telecoms Security

The cyber security threat is always changing due to the large and complex infrastructure and the constant need to adopt new technology. Skilled adversaries are actively trying to disrupt the critical infrastructure provided by telecom operators.

With aggregated requirements being implemented across an even more complex network it’s important that it is done in a way to improve operational efficiency, using tools and techniques such as CI/CD. With a limited capex budget and the imperative to make 5G services profitable, telecoms operators need to seek value.

Daintta’s team of experts across cyber security and telecoms operations support our clients in untangling the complexity and understanding what needs to be done in priority order to deliver the maximum possible return on investment.

We combine our deep industry experience and knowledge with structured consulting methodologies help clients achieve regulatory compliance and alignment with critical business goals.

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