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Private 5G Security Research

Private 5G Security Research

The Problem

A large public sector organisation needed to understand some of the emerging cyber security risks associated with new 5G technology, including the use of virtualisation, edge computing and open-source hardware and software components. This was to enable them to provide appropriate support to industry and the public sector, and influence policy and legislation to reduce risk.

The Solution

Daintta worked closely with partners to first understand the full extent of the cyber security challenges presented by these new technologies and ways of working. Our team of telecoms and cyber security experts used their own knowledge and supplemented with external expertise from companies operating with these technologies daily.

This produced a threat picture not only for the technologies individually but also holistically where these overlapped, for example, where open source cloud infrastructure is used for 5G virtualisation.

From here we identified and engaged a wide range of industry expertise to identify and assess potential solutions to overcome the cyber security risks. These ranged from practical policy guidance through to system-wide technical solutions.

Finally, we tested these solutions in as-close-to-real-world implementations as possible to assess their applicability and provide practical guidance for their implementation.


This provided the client with a set of assessed cyber security challenges presented by new and emerging 5G technology, along with practical guidance on a range of potential solutions that could be implemented to reduce the cyber risk.

These were presented in a range of formats from, including written reports for internal audiences and easy-to-use presentations suitable for wider and public audiences.

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