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Emerging Technology Insights

Emerging Technology Insights

The Problem

A national healthcare provider was setting up a programme of work to deliver innovation to the Connected Medical Device industry, specifically looking at developing the cyber security aspects which were typically found to be lagging other areas of development.

The Solution

The Daintta team, with expertise across cyber security and telecoms, including devices and networks, undertook a rapid Horizon Scanning approach to identify key changes in the environment over the next five years.

We engaged with experts across the globe, from national healthcare regulators to academia and niche product suppliers, gaining insight into what they were considering over the timeframe. By engaging such a broad set of experts, we were able to gather insights across different time horizons. Industry, for example, typically look at the short term whereas academia typically researches developments in the long-term horizon.

We also looked at a range of elements of cyber security, including network technologies, use-cases, software medical devices including Artificial Intelligence, standards, and legislation.


This delivered an engaging roadmap of key developments in the connected medical device industry over a five-year timeframe, from which the client could begin identifying their priority investments to mitigate the upcoming risks and take advantage of new opportunities presented by emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence.

The output of this fed into the organisation’s innovation strategy and roadmap, ensuring that the organisation remained proactive in its innovation work and aligned to its goals.

This work continues to influence the organisation’s strategy on the cyber security of connected medical devices.

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