Customer Story

Data Science Roadmap

Data Science Roadmap

The Problem

The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for a large public sector agency was building a new data science capability.

They required help with the following:

  • Capturing requirements for a new innovation development environment equipped with advanced data science tools that can operate at different levels of classification.
  • Understanding and documenting high-level use cases and current user pain-points.
  • Building an Intelligent Search prototype within the innovation environment demonstrator.

The Solution

Daintta work in partnership with other suppliers and successfully delivered the client’s needs effectively and efficiently.

Agile delivery methodologies, user-centric and data-driven approaches were used to engage with a range of technical and business stakeholders. Various engagement techniques were used including questionnaires, focused interviews, group workshops, rapid data analytics and visualisations prototyping.

Feedback was incorporated iteratively via co-design and co-test sessions, leading to an agreed set of requirements for the data science environment and the operational use cases. This fed directly into the production of an end-to-end Intelligent Search prototype that demonstrated solutions to the customer’s key challenges.


Our innovative approach and domain subject matter expertise set the scope for the customer’s new data science innovation capability, highlighting key challenges, and opportunities. The prototype demonstrated how the new data science capability would directly benefit the customer’s operational teams.

The project output also enabled the customer to gain key stakeholder buy-in, prioritise current projects, inform the function’s roadmap, and unlock significant investment funding.

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