Customer Story

Cyber Security Strategy

Cyber Security Strategy

The Problem

The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of a large UK government agency required assistance with the development of a cyber security strategy for the agency and the public sector organisations within its purview. The strategy needed to take into consideration the various threat landscapes of all the organisations that would be affected and, be in line with the new Cyber Assessment Framework (CAF) to ensure that it met the required standards.

The Solution

The Daintta team worked alongside the customer to efficiently and effectively engage with over 30 senior leaders across the department including CTOs, COOs, NEDs, NCSC representatives and Director Generals, to create the cyber security strategy.

Using subject matter expertise Daintta created the cyber security strategy for the customer and iterated it based on feedback from stakeholder engagements. The strategy was aligned with the customer’s vision, business outcomes and the Cyber Assessment Framework (CAF) used as industry standard.


As a result of the work done, the customer received a value-driven strategy that set out the security principles, and the associated transformational programmes with a baselined security transformation backlog.

Daintta established a federated and hybrid approach to shared cyber security services and mapped all in flight security projects to the operating model and strategy to help the customer identify any gaps in their current cyber security approach. Daintta also defined the monitoring and evaluation approach for the strategy, and all underlying security projects and interventions, through to 2025, enabling the customer to maintain a forward-looking, innovative approach to driving improved cyber security across the department.

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